What is ZIC?

ZIC is from the Korea's only specialized maker of lubrication products.

ZIC is made with the VHVI technology, recognized for excellence around the world.

ZIC's outstanding sales records attest to its quality and performance.

ZIC is the household name for lubricants in Korea.

ZIC is the engine oil of choice by drivers in 26 countries world wide.

A Few Words About Us

For nearly 50 years, the Cathay Motor Group of Companies has been a leading distributor of genuine automotive parts, car maintenance products, garage equipment's, diesel fuel pump parts, tractor parts including SK Lubricants.

Over the years we have built a reputation for ourselves marketing quality SK Lubricants, who are by herself leaders in the international lubricant business. Customers who have dealt with us know that they are assured of consistent quality without fail.

As we approach the era of lubricants demand, we will continue this ethical approach in business with an assurance of quality as our hallmark.

Did You Know?

What makes ZIC special is their unlimited quality and performance. ZIC is the first branded engine oil in Korea. After the launching and success of ZIC, our competitors also started branding their products. In the process, the Korean lubricants market who only knew price and distribution slowly changed itself into a brand market. What makes ZIC special is the power of the brand that changed the market