What is ZIC?

ZIC is from the Korea's only specialized maker of lubrication products.

ZIC is made with the VHVI technology, recognized for excellence around the world.

ZIC's outstanding sales records attest to its quality and performance.

ZIC is the household name for lubricants in Korea.

ZIC is the engine oil of choice by drivers in 26 countries world wide.

Latest Products

Here are our latest products.
ZIC A+ 5W30 SN

ZIC A+ is a 100% synthetic engine oil engineered to deliver outstanding engine protection and to offer improved fuel economy in vehicles where SAE 5W20 and 5W30 oils are recommended.

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ZIC A 10W40 SN

ZIC A is a synthetic engine oil coupled with the latest API SN grade, and is engineered with SK's proprietary technology, VHVI TECH. ZIC A delivers exceptional fuel economy benefits and engine protection compared to conventional oil viscosity grades such as SAE 20W-50.

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ZIC DEXRON VI is engineered with premium base stocks and advanced additive technology, and meets all the stringent requirements of General Motors DEXRON®-VI specification, which is designed for the modern automatic transmissions in GM vehicles. ZIC DEXRON VI is fully backward-serviceable and can be used where DEXRON®-II and/or DEXRON®-III are recommended.

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ZIC SP-IV is a special ATF approved by Hyndai/Kia motors to be used in their newly launched 6 speed automatic transmission for front wheel drive, or all-wheel drive (only in transverse engine lay-out) vehicles. SP-IV is the only genuine factory-fill or service-fill ATF recommended in Hyundai/Kia motors' vehicle.

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Did You Know?

What makes ZIC special is their unlimited quality and performance. ZIC is the first branded engine oil in Korea. After the launching and success of ZIC, our competitors also started branding their products. In the process, the Korean lubricants market who only knew price and distribution slowly changed itself into a brand market. What makes ZIC special is the power of the brand that changed the market